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An offering of indigenous wisdom


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Arkan's book offers a guide for those of us who love the Earth and wish to be keepers of her wisdom, bounty and love.  We believe that we are caretakers here and The Time of the Black Jaguar brings deep wisdom and guidance, as well as ways of compassion and trust for all beings.

Praise for The Time of the Black Jaguar:

The Time of the Black Jaguar is a masterwork for our time.  Arkan's profound wisdom and deep insights will fill you with hope and inspiration and at the same time, challenge you to play your rightful role in ensuring the sustainability of life on this planet. He writes with eloquence and heart, boldness and humility, and carries a message of power and truth.  I highly recommend this book to all people who are awake and ready to engage in the real work of our time.                                                       

— Lynne Twist, Co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance, 

Author of The Soul of Money

Arkan has crafted an incredibly thorough and articulate expression of indigenous wisdom. Teachings and principles like those in this book trail blaze the path for saving humanity.

 John Perkins, New York Times Best Selling Author of

Confessions of an Economic Hitman

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