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Our Purpose and History

In 2001 we created a non-profit organization (501c3) dedicated to the Sacred Nourishment of Mother Earth. As a ceremonial center and educational organization we began our work for nourishing Pachamama and sharing this by passing the ancient Sacred Nourishment wisdom of indigenous peoples to all people on Earth. 

This mission and way of life needed a home so in 2001 we also purchased 100 acres of land in the Pecos River Valley of New Mexico. Over the next years a main community and guest building and then several smaller earthen lodges were built and additional land, more remote and wild, was also purchased. The land and the sacred structures are our educational center and the heart of our work.

Alongside the land and buildings a small, dedicated group of people has grown together to take care of all that is needed to sustain and give life to our mission.  We are a diverse community that is woven together by our love for all life and our desire to cultivate awareness.


It has been many years since our beginning and we have stayed committed to nourishing Mother Earth and serving as one of many doorways for the expression of indigenous wisdom and knowledge.  We are servants of Pachamama at a time when She is giving birth to a new and healthy world, where all beings are well cared for, and where all sacred powers are free to bless our lives every day.



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