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Sacred Nourishment Through Our Farm


Nourishment is at the heart of our way of life.  This is especially apparent in our kitchen with the energy and flavors of our meals. In the past few years our participation in the cycle of life has been made more complete by growing some of our own vegetables and medicines on the farm.  Within the farm project we are continuously moving in the circle of Sacred Nourishment in our farm design, seed preparation, growing practices, and harvesting.

The farm has been a beautiful addition to our community life.  With the help of many community members, visitors and the generosity of Mother Earth, we are grateful for the teachings and harvests we received through the farm!


Land Preservation


​The 300 acres of land that we care-take hold all that we do. Much of this land has been left untouched by us, providing a natural habitat for many plants and animals. 

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