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Our primary mission is to promote a better relationship between human beings and our Mother, the Earth. Our prayer is for the following generations: that they may inherit the Earth in better condition than we inhabit Her now.


The only real problem with the ecology of the planet resides with us, humans beings. Therefore, our efforts are directed towards increasing awareness and awakening our hearts to the level at which we become capable of recognizing the Earth as our Mother and all living things on the Earth as our relatives and our partners in life.





An Offering of indigenous wisdom for the continuity of life on Earth

Arkan's book offers a guide for those of us who love the Earth and wish to be keepers of her wisdom, bounty and love.  We are caretakers here and The Time of the Black Jaguar brings deep understanding and guidance, as well as ways of compassion and trust for all beings. 

Praise for The Time of the Black Jaguar: 


"Arkan has crafted an incredibly thorough and articulate expression of indigenous wisdom. Teachings and principles like those in this book trailblaze the path for saving humainity."    

— John Perkins, New York Times Best Selling Author of

Confessions of an Economic Hitman


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